The Shelton Theater continues to produce classical and contemporary works, in addition to fostering new voices. We provide artists with the respect they need and a venue within which to observe their work. On any given month on the Shelton stage, artists will be presenting a range of literary based plays, musicals, new solo works, improvisation, stand up comedy, spoken word, sketch comedy or live music. 

The theater was founded by Matt Shelton in 1993 whose early artistic influences came from Broadway actor/director and Group Theatre member Wendell Phillips, along with his parents Jean Shelton and Robert Elross. He is a director and performer in theater and film and has acted, directed, produced, and taught over the last 30 years and in 1993 he founded the Shelton Theater where he continues to work with veteran Bay Area actors and directors while providing opportunity to new artists. He has been a guest faculty at the College of the Arts, the San Francisco Art Institute and he is Artistic Director of Shelton Theater.  

The following is a partial list of collaborators whom are currently cultivating projects in an ensemble effort at the Shelton Theater:


Kindrid Parker Filmmaker
Cedric Wentworth Painter/Sculptor                                            Julie Dimas-Lockfeld Actor/Director                                       Madison Worthington Actor/Director

Matt Shelton Artistic Director
Amanda Shelton Managing Director                                             Byron Beebop Jazz Musician   
Oleg Liptsin Director/Actor
Margery Fairchild Actor/Director
Richard Ciccarone Writer/Director


Theatre Video Archive


Written by David Mamet. 
Starring Bill English, Bruce Mackey, Paul Santiago and Catherine Castellanos.
Directed by Matt Shelton, 1993

Written by Peter Weiss
Starring Luis Oropeza and Paul Santiago.
Directed by Matt Shelton, 1994

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Written by Edward Albee
Starring Robert Elross, Linda Ayres-Frederick and Matt Shelton.
Directed by Bruce Mackey, 1994

The Adding Machine
Written by Elmer Rice
Directed by Jean Shelton, 1994

Written by Murray Schisgal
Starring Matt Shelton, Ian Hirsch and Lisa Joffrey.
Directed by Jean Shelton, 1995

Glengarry Glen Ross
Written by David Mamet
Starring Richard Harder and Keith Burkland.
Directed by Jean Shelton, 1995

The Crucible
Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Jean Shelton, 1995

A View from the Bridge
Written by Arthur Miller
Starring Jimmy Palermo and Christine Bruno.
Directed by Jean Shelton, 1996

Sexual Perversity in Chicago
Written by David Mamet
Starring Jen Welch and Ian Hirsch.
Directed by Matt Shelton, 1996

Adulto Orgasmo Escapes From the Zoo
Written by Dario Fo
Starring Shelly Mitchell
Directed by Matt Shelton, 1996

The Skin of Our Teeth
Written by Thornton Wilder
Starring Keith Burkland and Jeannie Mullis
Directed by Jean Shelton, 1997

The Big Funk
Written by John Patrick Shanley
Starring Lisa Wentz, Andrey Estrelis and Frank Potter
Directed by Matt Shelton, 1997

Spoon River Anthology
Written by Edgar Lee Masters
Directed by Matt Shelton, 1999

The Marriage
Written by Nikolai Gogol
Starring Peter Abraham, Jeannie Mullis, and Matt Shelton.
Directed by Oleg Liptsin, 1999

The Cherry Orchard  
Written by Anton Chekhov
Starring Felecia Faulkner and Matt Shelton
Directed by Oleg Liptsin, 2000

American Buffalo  
Written by David Mamet
Starring Richard Harder, Joe Silva, and Charles Brumm
Directed by Jean Shelton, 2001

Indigo Don't Vote  
Written by Gabriel Goldstein
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2005

Beyond Therapy  
Written by Christopher Durang
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2005

The Elephant Man
Written by Bernard Pomerance                                                     with Richard Harder                                                             Directed by Oleg Liptsin, 2005

Private Wars
Written by James McClure
Directed by Richard Harder, 2006

This Is How It Goes
Written by Neil LeBute
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2006

The Living Corpse
Written by Leo Tolstoi
Directed by Oleg Liptsin, 2006

Three Tall Women
Written by Edward Albee
Directed by Luis Oropeza, 2007

California Suite
Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2007

Written by Patrick Marber
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2008

Speed the Plow
Written by David Mamet
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2008

Written by Beth Henley
Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2008

La Ronde
Written by Albert Schnitzer
Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2009

Golden Boy                                                                                     Written by Clifford Odets                                                                  with Hernan Battio, Nick Razo, Larry Hall, Pete Lynch,                    Directed by Jean and Matt Shelton,  2010

Savage in Limbo
Written by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2010                                          

The Rainmaker
Written by N. Richard Nash                                                        with Matt Shelton and Amanda Gerard
Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2012

God of Carnage
Written by Yasmina Reza                                                                 with Matt Shelton, Norman Gee, Cara Phillips
Directed by Lisa Drostova, 2013

Noises Off
Written by Michael Frayn
Directed by Lisa Drostova and Matt Shelton, 2013

The Weir
Written by Conor McPherson                                                          with Matt Shelton, Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, Sean Hallinan, Bret Grantham                                                         
Directed by Keith Phillips, 2014

Noises Off
Written by Michael Frayn
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2014

Written by Beth Henley                                                                 with Amanda Gerard-Shelton, Sasha Litovchenko, Elena Ruggerios, Moshe Quinn, Rick Rottinger                             Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2015

Glengarry Glen Ross
Written by David Mamet                                                                   with Matt Shelton, Matt Crawford, Phil Estrin, Pat Caulfield, Tim Trygg, Keith Sullivan
Directed by Sasha Litovchenko, 2015

Fool For Love
Written by Sam Shepard with Matt Crawford, Sonia Balcazaar, Byron Haigh
Directed by Matt Shelton, 2016

Extreme Measures
Written and Directed by Will Marchetti
with Matt Shelton, Livia Demarchi, Matt Crawford, Sonia Balcazaar, Megan Luis, Colin Hussey, John Ferreira 2016

A Streetcar Named Desire
Written by Tennessee Williams                                                       with Hillary Hesse, Alex Garcia, Brianna Walsh, Cara Mckelvey-Phillips, Mark Bird, Meira Perelstein,
Directed by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, 2016

Poet Unmasked                                                                    Written and performed by Timothy Trygg 2016

Oleanna Written by David Mamet                                               with Pat Caulfield and Madison Worthington                            Directed by Matt Shelton, 2017

A View From the Bridge                                                      Written by Arthur Miller                                                               with Avi Jacobson, Louis Landman, Jannely Calmell, Floriana Alessandria, Max Forman-Mullin, Walter Zarnowitz                     Directed by Will Marchetti, 2017

Family Play                                                                           Written by Matt Fox                                                                    with Christie Allair, Brianna Walsh, Isabel Siragusa, Nick Mandracchia                                                                           Directed by Madison Worthington, 2017

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot                                             Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis                                          Directed/Adapted by Richard Ciccarone, 2017

Bread! The Musical                                                                  Written by Joe Ortiz                                                                   with Lori Rivera, Kim Larsen, Max Bennett-Parker                      Directed by Greg Fritsch, 2017

Escaping Queens                                                                Written by Joe Ortiz                                                                Directed by Greg Fritsch, 2017

Noted partial list of Bay Area artists and companies whom have created with the Shelton Family:

Robert Elross (1922-2004) was considered one of the finest actors in America. His contribution to the Bay Area artistic community as a director/actor and thinker was immense. His passing recently was marked by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the most important person in the community to pass on in 2004.

Jean Shelton, Robert Elross, Matt Shelton, Wendy Phillips, Scott Paulin, Chris Phillips, Keith Phillips, Catherine Castellanos, Louis Parnell, Bill English, JE Freeman, Felecia Faulkner, Linda Ayres-Frederick, Richard Harder, Bruce Mackey, Luis Oropeza, Paul Santiago, Brian Scott, Jennifer Proctor, Susi Damilano, Coleman Domingo, Morris Bobrow, Kim Larsen, Michael McGee, Julie Dimas-Lockfeld, Oleg Liptsin, Will Durst, Richard Ciccarone, Margery Fairchild, Kindrid Parker, Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Danny Glover, Francis Ford Coppla, Terry Zwigoff, Lourdes Portillo, Sean Mitchell, Joe Graham, Jack Turner, Jim Wilson, Rob Epstein, Bill Graham, Richard Bratigan, Rob Nilsson, Lisa Fruchtman, Joe Ortiz, Greg Fritsch, The Left Coast Theatre Co., Cheaper Than Therapy, Secret Improv Society, Funny But Mean,  among many others to numerous to name.